Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter Review of 2017

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Ignition in the car engine attracts dirt, water and other toxic contaminants which can quickly damage car engine but the modern technology has a remedy for this in the form of oil filters. Several oil filters are available that trap and filter out harmful particles to clean oil. One of the best Oil filters is BOSCH 3330 Premium oil filter. It is a very well reputed brand which provides quality products and guarantees supreme efficiency. It has the following properties:

Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter


  • Silicone Anti-Drain Back Valve: It comes with silicone anti-drain back valve which supplies clean oil when the engine starts. It usually lasts longer than regular nitrile rubber valves.
  • Exclusive FILTECH Technology: It makes use of latest FILTECH technology and a unique blend of natural and synthetic material to make the filter media through which it provides 100% protection of engine, and filter out every contamination present in the oil, thus, preventing it from reaching the engine.
  • Filter Area: It comes with 42% larger filtering area as compared to the conventional oil filters. The synthetic media filter is 20% thicker than the regular filters available in the market. It comes with a wire mesh, thus, trapping and filtering out most of the contaminants even the microscopic particles to protect the engine.
  • Filter Capacity: As compared to the conventional filters available in the market, who has dirt holding capacity up to 7.4 grams, Bosch premium filter can hold dirt and contaminations up to 29.1 grams.
  • Easy Fit: Bosch 3330 is easy to fit; consequently, you can use it in a variety of vehicles. It is most suitable for Asian, European and Domestic vehicles.
  • Oil: You can use it with all regular, synthetic or semi-synthetic oils.
  • Steel base housings and plates: Bosch Oil Filter comes with steel base housing and plates which have a double lock, rolled seam and leak-proof container. It protects it from leakage and warpage by providing greater burst strength.
  • Metal Caps: Bosch filter comes with metal end caps which provide a positive seal for assembling filter elements. The center tube protects the filter elements from collapsing.
  • A high lubricity gasket: It comes with high lubricity gasket design which offers a tight seal, but at the same time it’s easier to remove.
  • Durable: It is extremely durable. The durable membrane strength along with thick steel walls of the canister protects it from severe conditions and provides strength, safety and durability.
  • Uses advanced FILTECH technology which promises effective screening
  • It has a larger dirt holding capacity
  • It is reliable
  • It is convenient
  • It provides high oil flow rate
  • It is a durable product
  • It is affordable and cost effective.
  • You can use it with both regular and synthetic motor oils
  • It has Double Lock System in rolled seam
  • FILTECH Technology
  • Flimsy outer casing
  • Customers sometimes have issues with quality.
  • A third party contractor produces filters for this product.

Manufacturer of the BOSCH 3330 premium oil filter has a reputation for providing quality products. It provides superior efficiency, and you can use it with almost all types of oils. There are various types of oil filters in the market ranging from synthetic to natural oil filters. Different filters are not only made for the different type of vehicles but also offer the specific features like increased efficiency, filtration, leakage protection, etc. You must consider these features when selecting a filter suitable for your vehicle and your requirements.

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